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Upholstery Cleaning

clean upholstery after cleaning

Beyond cleaning your carpets, we can also clean any fabric furniture that you may have around your home. Carpet and upholstery are very similar, and for this reason, we have mastered the cleaning of both. If you have a favorite chair that is getting dirty, let us make it look like new. Is that family couch getting dirtier by the day? We can, not only clean it up, but make sure that it stays looking, and functioning, like new! Let us be your upholstery cleaning team.

Upholstery Vacuum

The first step in making sure that your furniture is taken care of is to make sure that it is crumb free! Upholstered furniture has a ton of cracks, and crevices, that we rarely think to check. Out of sight, out of mind, right? The problem with that, is that these cracks fill up with all sorts of crumbs, debris and dirt. Because of this, an industrial strength vacuum comes in exceedingly handy. With our assortment of tools, we can clean every inch of your furniture. We will vacuum off the bottom, legs, cushions, body and get down deep in to all creases in order to make sure that your furniture is clean!

Upholstery Steam Clean

While vacuuming is a great first step, there are many times when this simply will not go far enough in cleaning your furniture. When the vacuum is not enough to bust all of the dust, it is time to break out the big guns. In the same way that we use a steam cleaner to fight tough carpet stains, we can use this tool on your upholstered furniture! In this process, we use super heated water to create hot steam, which does an incredibly good job at breaking up dirt and grime. This grime can then be lifted away with the powerful suction of the steamer.

Upholstery Stain Removal

Accidents happen. Stains form. It’s the nature of life. Whether you have a big family, or it is jut you, it is nearly inevitable that something will be spilled on an upholstered piece of furniture at some point. When this happens, it is likely that the spill can end up causing stains to form. When a stain happens, vacuuming and steam cleaning are usually not enough to get it out. In this case, we have special solutions and tools that will help to lift the stain away, and make your furniture look like new.

Upholstery Protection

One of the best ways to protect upholstered furniture is to use the trade, and true, method of Scotch Guarding. With this technique, we use a solution (usually in spray form) and apply it to the surface of your furniture. Once this solution dries, it forms a very thin barrier between the fabric of your furniture, and the outside elements. This barrier does an incredible job at repelling most dirt, and more important, it is nearly impervious to stains. If you need this done, we are happy to do it for you.

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