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Stain and Odor Treatment

stain and odor treatment

In addition to the traditional types of carpet cleaning that we do, in terms of vacuuming an steam cleaning, we can also help to fight tough stains and odors. While carpet makes an excellent flooring, thanks to its durability and comfort, one of the most unfortunate parts of it, is that the fibers that carpet is made from, is porous. This means that these fibers are natural magnets, and collect enzymes that cause stains and odors. For this reason, stains and odors can sit in carpets for year, if not met head on.

Stain Fighting

If you have stains that are plaguing your carpet, you may feel like the only thing to do is get new carpet installed. We know how disheartening this can be. You’e probably tried every stain fighter on the market, and had no luck. But these stain cleaners can only do so much. Instead of spending endless money on more stain fighting solutions, let us come and fight those stains for you. With our cleaning technology and our specialized solutions, we can remove even the toughest stains, such as wine, urine and blood.

Odor Treatment

Another thing that can get trapped in your carpet is foul odors. The enzymes that cause odors get trapped inside the porous fibers of your carpet and continue to emanate smells for days, weeks, months and, sometimes, even years. Because we know you don’t want to live with these smells forever, let us come and get rid of them for you. In the same way that we fight tough stains, we can lift out, and remove odors. We will use enzyme busting solutions to break up the odors, and then use industrial strength steam cleaners to pressure wash those stinky enzymes out of your carpet for good.


We love pets and we are sure that you do as well. But, let’s be honest here, pets and carpets are not friends. While older, trained pets may be okay on carpet, if you are getting a puppy, or kitten, they may not be completely potty trained yet. Because of this, you can expect that, at some point, this young animal will have some sort of accident on your carpet. Animal urine, especially, can be incredibly hard to remove, as the enzymes in it are strong and persistent. Rather than deal with the smell, let us come over and make sure that they are removed for you.

Carpet Patching

We will be honest here, and let you know that there may come times when we cannot get a stain out. Almost 99% of the time, we can fight whatever your carpet is facing, but there is a small percentage of time where we simply will not be able to get a stain, or odor out. When that happens, we will recommend carpet patching. If you have a relatively new carpet, you can probably get a small patch of the same carpet, that can be simply patched in; to make your carpet look new. We have good relationships with carpet sellers, and can give you great recommendations.

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