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Residential Carpet Cleaning

residential carpet cleaning in progress

Carpet is a great flooring choice due to its softness and the comfort level that it provides to the home. However, one of the major drawbacks of carpet is that it is not entirely easy to clean. Depending on carpet type, and length, carpet can actually act as a dirt magnet; trapping dust and debris inside its fibers. And, while normal, every day tools, such as a vacuum cleaner can certainly help, these tools don’t go far enough in keeping your carpet completely clean and looking, and functioning, like new. That’s where we come in.

Light Cleaning

If you are finding it difficult to find the time to clean the floors in your home, we are here to help you out. If all you really want is a light cleaning, we can do that for you. With this cleaning level, we will mostly come in with an industrial strength vacuum and make sure that all of the big pieces of dirt, grime, dust and debris are vacuumed up and removed from your carpet. With your permission, we may also put down some carpet powder, which will help to eliminate future odors.

Deep Cleaning

If you are needing something more substantial than a light cleaning, we can do a deep cleaning for you. In a deep cleaning, we will, not only vacuum your carpet, we will also bring in a carpet steamer to make sure that all of the fibers in your carpet are completely cleaned. A steamer works by forcing hot steam in to your carpet fibers, which breaks up hard to get dirt, and then sucks that dirt up with a powerful motor. Using a combination of vacuum and steam cleaner means that we can return your carpet to a like new state.

Stain Removal

Another service that we offer to our clients is that of stain removal. If you have an older carpet, that is showing signs of aging due to staining, we can bust those out of there, too. With stain treatments, we bring in specialized solutions that are meant to break up the stain, and help it to be removed. Depending on what the stain is made from, we have different solutions we can use. Once the solution is applied, we let it set, before we bring in a steam cleaner to run over the area and completely remove the stain from the carpet.

Carpet Maintenance

Beyond the cleaning of your carpets, we also offer a whole host of options for future carpet maintenance. Because carpet can be pretty expensive to replace, our goal is to make sure that your carpet is lasting as long as possible. While cleaning is a great way to maintain the look of your carpet, we have other options that can maintain it further. We can help to lay down carpet protectors for heavily trafficked areas. We can also scotch guard carpets for you, which will help immensely if you have kids or pets in your home.

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