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Commercial Cleaning

professional commercial cleaning service

We do not only clean residential carpets. If you have a commercial location that has carpet for floors, we can clean that too. Usually commercial buildings are much harder to clean because they are bigger spaces that see a ton more people than an average home does. For this reason, carpet floors can exceedingly dirty, matted down and ruined if not properly taken care of. In these situations, a standard vacuum can help out a little, but, truthfully, it will not do much to help out these floors.

Office Carpets

If you are the owner, or manager, of an office space, you are probably responsible for making sure that it is clean, tidy and picked up for the employees underneath you. Because we know that you are busy trying to keep the business afloat, you may not have time to clean your own carpets. Lucky for you, this doesn’t need to be a problem. We can come in and take care of those carpet floors for you. If you like our services, we can even put you on a regular cleaning schedule, and make sure that we are coming in every week to keep those floors looking spotless.

Apartment Buildings

One of the major places that we are constantly being asked to clean is apartment buildings. Depending on the age of the apartment, or the way it is designed, there may be carpet in almost all of the units and common spaces. If the apartment building is a smaller building, you may be able to manage the carpet cleaning on your own, however, if your building has a massive amount of units, you may not have the time, or manpower, to do those on your own. If you are needing a company to regularly take care of your carpeted apartment homes, let us know!

Sales Floors

Another type of commercial space that we are asked to clean is that of sales floors. While a lot of businesses have transitioned to hard flooring, there are still some out there that have carpet. Because sales floors see a lot of traffic, the carpet will, no doubt, get matted down and dirtied more quickly. To make sure that the carpet looks fresh, we can come in and hit it with a steam cleaner. Hot steam will help your carpet fibers open up and expand back up; making the carpet become full again.


If you are managing a school building, you probably have classrooms all over that have carpeted floors. Because of the nature of young people, these carpets are, most likely, completely destroyed. If you hire us regularly, we can come in weekly, free everyone has left for the day, to make sure that your school floors are taken care of. Our combination of stain removal, vacuuming, steam cleaning and odor removers will make sure that your floors feel fresh and, more importantly, that we are helping to fight, and curb, the spread of germs and bacteria.

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