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About Us

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We are the number one cleaning company in the greater Simi Valley area. We have been in business for years, and over that time we have worked as hard as we can to build ourselves a beautiful reputation. We do that through tackling every carpet cleaning job to the best of our abilities. We have never met a stain we cannot remove, or an odor that we can’t bust. We can clean any type of carpet you may have; from shag to plush to ultra low pile. Even if your carpet is years old, and showing signs of its age, we assure you that we can bring it back to looking, and functioning, like when it was first installed for you.

We are a dedicated, hard working team of professional carpet cleaners, who make it our goal to bring your carpets back to life. Because we have been in business for years, we have taken each, and every, new job as an opportunity to grow, and evolve; adapting our cleaning styles to the newer types of carpet that come on to the market. We use only the top of the line, latest and greatest cleaning tools, and the safest cleaning solutions, to make sure that your carpets are completely clean, while keeping you, your family and pets safe. If you are looking for a regular cleaning company to make sure your carpets are clean, on a schedule, we would also be happy to set that up for you!

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